Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Joys of Fitness

The fresh breeze is blowing.  The woods is deep and cool.  The views are spectacular.  The strength of my legs amazes me.  Then, what is this???  What's wrong with my foot?  It really hurts. Wait, I can hardly step on it.  What do you mean we still have to walk another half mile?  What do you mean it's all uphill?  And steep? 
I didn't twist it--at least not today.  It hurt a little if I wiggled it back and forth but this is ridiculous.  I know when I go to the doctor he will say to stay off of it.  I can't stay off of it.  It's my foot--it's how I get around.  I have to do chores and errands and cook and work out.
Why is it that every time I get close to a fitness level that I  desire something like this happens?  If  I had a dime for every injury that stopped my fitness routine--well, I wouldn't be rich but I would have a pile of money.  Sometimes I think there is a cosmic plan to keep me flabby and out of shape.
I'm scheduled to walk in the Susan G. Koman Run/Walk this Saturday and I am going to be there no matter what.  That's how dedicated I am to my own fitness and to the cause of breast cancer research.  I might be in a walking cast but if I am I will still be there--I just won't win(wink wink  like I had a chance to win under the best of circumstances)!

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