Thursday, April 28, 2011

Believe Me

I always thought that Donald Trump was a character.  You know, with the hair and everything.  I never thought he was certifiable!
He thinks he is going to run for President and so far, his strategy has been to question Obama's birth certificate and has embraced the idea that he wasn't born in the USA.  Now that the President has released the entire document, the Donald will be mollified when it is examined by experts to make sure it is not a forgery.  How stupid does he think the President and his team are?  Why would they forge a document that is under such scrutiny?   The whole situation is laughable.
Then I heard his strategy for lowering the price of gasoline.  He is gonna look 'em straight in the eye and say "Listen here, buddy" or some such thing and of course, the Arab princes and the oil barons and the foreign oil magnates are going to be really worried and lower the prices in case the Donald says, "You're fired."
How naive can this guy be?  Doesn't he have millions or even billions of dollars?  He thinks he can intimidate those who supply the oil and they'll just cave?  I can see them laughing their asses off while they ignore his wishes.
Mr. Trump has given us many hours of enjoyable television lately.  I loved it when Joan Rivers was on Celebrity Apprentice.  I love that NeNe lady dissing Star Jones at every turn.  That is something he does well.  Keep entertaining us, Donald.  You're good at it and I'm sure it has helped to line your coffers.
Stay out of the political's no place for amateurs.

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