Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fare Thee Well

Ohmygosh, my soaps are cancelled.  I can hardly believe it's true.  I watched both All My Children and One Life to Live since the first day they were on.  Really.  I watched  the conniving Erica Kane go from a snotty teenager who gave her mother nothing but grief to a grandma who still connives but she claims it's always for the good of her family.
Family is important on the soaps.  They have big expansive families so you really have to watch who you date.  Right, Erica?  She dated her own brother for a while there.  Any new arrival could be related to you in some way.  Need a new leading man?  Bring in Erica's son who she thought she aborted.(I know I know).
Things getting boring in Llanview?  Just give poor old Vicki another personality or two or three.  And if she hasn't enough personalities let her poor daughter suffer from the same condition and the possibilities are endless!
One Life to Live has always been my favorite truth be told.  I guess it doesn't matter any more since  AMC is going away by September.  It is being replaced by something called The Chew.  REALLY?  That's the name you came up with???  But, I digress.  OLTL has Vicki Lord who is played by Erika Slezak.  Her father Walter was in one of my most favorite movies, People Will Talk.  He plays Cary Grant's sidekick.  Erika and I were on maternity leave at the same time back in the day.  Both times.
And right here, I lost half my post.  I don't know how and I'm pretty sure I can't rewrite it with the same spark as I had yesterday.  I was on a tear and related to you all about Vicki Lord and her husband and ex and her kids and her best friend/worst enemy, Dorian Lord.(her step mother)  
Let it suffice to say that it was witty and well written, not unlike soaps at their best.
Good bye, Erica.  Good bye, Vicki.  I will miss your ups and downs, loves and losses, and your general turmoil.  It's been a great run.

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Anonymous said...

I knew you'd post about the soaps....I've been checking in every so often...and nothing. So today I think certainly Sue posted about those soaps she can't give up and lo and behold I see you cracked a rib. You poor dear!! I hope things start improving!!! Abnd let's give Jennifer a break. Did you see the video they put on Idol of her latest songs--my gosh she sure was beutiful in that.

Hope things improve for you soon. xoxo bean