Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Even though the weather would never suppoet the idea, Spring is here in lovely Mentor, OH.  How do I know this?  A robin has built a nest at the back of my garage and it has been fascinating to watch.  My garage is attached to the house and when I sit on my family room couch I can see it.  One day, not so long ago, I noticed a robin holding a piece of paper towel or napkin or maybe even tissue paper and it was struggling to take it up to the lamp that is next to the back door of the garage.
I thought that bird was pretty dumb considering the paper was bigger than it was and it kept dropping it about a million times and didn't seem to get the idea that the action was futile.  It finally flew away, the paper got blown away by the wind and I thought nothing more of it.
A couple days later, I had to laugh as there was a long piece of some kind of dry plant hanging from that lamp and I thought to myself that the robin was a dodo and had realized the space was just too small and left for an easier location to build its nest.  Every day for about a week, I would glance out and that one lone "string" was hanging from the lamp and I just had to chuckle to myself about how dumb that bird was.(although not the stupidest bird in the world, that award goes to a cardinal from my childhood).
The last two days I have been really busy.  I was out to lunch with friends for like three hours and I am finally able to do some housework so I didn't look out the window for a couple of days.
Yesterday, Lo and Behold, there's a nest on the lamp.  The bird is there all the time staring at me.  I owe it a huge apology.  It is the most clever bird in the outdoors.(The indoor award go's to my Sis' bird who is ever so smart)
It's pretty secure looking too.  I would love to take a picture but I don't know where the camera is and my phone takes lousy pics.  I will ask DH to take one tomorrow and I will post and when the baby birds arrive I will post again.  That bird is probably the mother bird of all time.  She stuck to it until she made a home for her babies.  I think it's a her.  She is looking a bit chubby so I'm guessing she is filling up with eggs.  I don't know much about a robin's mating habits and I never saw a pregnant robin before so I"m just guessing.  All I can say is that compared to the robin in the above picture, my robin is a lot more shall we say rotund..
So stay tuned and see what happens to Mrs. Robin.  I just can hardly wait.

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