Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jeepers Creepers

You know who really gives me the creeps?  Lady Gaga?  Not really  Marilyn Manson? Nope.  Freddy Kruger?  Not so much.  The scariest of them all award goes to THE OLSON TWINS!!!
You remember them, don't you?  If you have a child around my kids' ages you probably watched them every week ad nauseum when they were little tykes.  And they were cute.  Tiny and cute.
Now, they are still tiny.  Frighteningly tiny.  And not so cute.  One ounce above death weight is not the least bit cute.  Jutting cheekbones just don't look very appealing.  However their brain power doesn't seem diminished by their lack of sustenance.
They have a clothing line and now they have an eyewear line which is apparently brand new.  They started off as moguls way back when as little girls they started making little movies that went direct to DVD or whatever was the recording device back then.  Now, they are rich, tiny, skinny, and rich.
I don't know why but that scares me to death.  What if one of them decides to follow in The Donald's path and runs for President one day?  How creepy would that be?  I bet you are getting goosebumps right about now, aren't you?  And not from excitement.
I wish that being skinny and rich was not the new standard.  Just think if one of them is President they might make the whole nation go on a diet--a real one.  We'd all be walking around starving but we would look long as we had the official Presidential eyewear!

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