Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh, Happy Day

I just watched the wedding of the century(so far)!  It was really beautiful.  The bride and groom seemed nervous but happy.  Especially him.  I think he had sweaty palms.  She looked radiant.  Oh, and she got his name right.
Now, that that's out of the way....what a dress!  Grace Kelly much?  I couldn't believe how much that dress reminded me of the Princess of Monaco's.  There were rumors that the bride designed it herself and if she did she got a heavy dose of inspiration from the first one.
In the Cinderella story, there are the ugly stepsisters.  In this story, there were the cousins wearing ugly hats.  Did you check our Fergie's kids?  Yikes!  The one hat looked like a giant stiff bow that started at the top of the girl's head! It was UG-LEE!  I never even looked at their faces or their dresses.
Most of the hats were intriguing which is why I never looked at any of the dresses except a couple stand outs.  The woman in the BRIGHT BRIGHT royal blue outfit caught my eye and the lady whose dress was wrapped with black tulle and had some kind of bow thing on the shoulder were the stand outs for me.
Those two crazy kids should have made friends with more American celebrities.  The poor Beckham's were shown on camera about a thousand times.  He sure is handsome and she sure doesn't smile often.  I know she's pregnant so I didn't even bother to check out her dress.
A lot of the hats looked like dinner plates or frizbees.  I wonder how that style got started?  The Queen had a normal looking hat on and wore bright yellow so she could be spotted.  I heard she always does that.  I was hoping she would wear pink.
Another surprise were the mother of the bride and Camilla both in "almost white" ensembles.  I know they were really gray or beige but they sure looked white on camera.  I thought that wasn't allowed so you wouldn't show up the bride(as if they could).
All week I heard how William would honor his mother at the wedding.  I must have missed it.  I wondered why on Earth he would do that as this was a wedding not a memorial...but the TV reports kept insisting and like I said, I didn't see it.
Prince Charles looks as old as his mother!!  She must be taking some youth potion that none of us knows about.  PC had a cane and I thought it was part of his uniform but it looked like he really needed it.  Old polo injury, perhaps?
Did you see that Harry is getting a bald spot just like his brother?  What a strong gene that one must be.  Harry seemed to be having a pretty good time and it looked like he was trying to jolly his brother up a bit.
When the couple left the church, they were holding hands the old fashioned way(by that I mean like Henry the 8th or even further back) but his knuckles were white and so were hers.  I think they were just holding each other up.
I loved how the bride said "Wow" when she saw the crowd waiting for the kiss.  It was brief and it was repeated but still brief.  One commentator said he lost money on that.  They were even betting on the length of the kiss over there.  Those crazy Brits.
One thing for sure, the Brits are very on time.  Their schedule for the day went along without a hitch.  But where was the parade?  I wanted a parade with all those soldiers dressed in the cool uniforms.  It seemed like there was going to be a parade but nope.
Nobody wishes those two kids more luck than I.  They live in a fishbowl and have to carve some sort of family life out in spite of it.  God bless them!

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