Friday, September 18, 2009


Well, I was watching an old movie starring Carole Lombard(if you don't know who she is--look her up) and they were at a nightclub that had a spectacular floor show which included famous women making their entrances on horses. There was "Lady Godiva", "Joan of Arc", "Pocahontas" and Greta (I forget the last name) who stuck her finger in the dike and saved all of Holland from destruction. (in case you don't know Holland is below sea level).
Each gorgeous woman came out and presented herself and her horse and then the Emcee asks Greta from Holland to show everyone the famous finger that saved Holland. Out came the one finger salute except that it was wrapped up in a big white bandage with a bow on top. It was as big as her head!! It was hilarious.
The audience gave a round of applause and Greta finally put that thing away.
The other day when I was driving to my sister's there was a gray haired lady in a big fancy white car behind me and she didn't like it that I was going the speed limit. She honked, she rode my tail, she shook her fist at me and last but not least she showed me the finger that saved Holland! I did not applaud. I did however pass her by while we were waiting at the red light as there were less cars in the lane I chose so as I passed her by I flipped her right back!! (I felt pretty safe--she was old and my car doors were locked).
Obviously, the meaning of the middle finger has changed since the simpler days of the forties unless you lived in some parts of Europe but obviously not Holland!

PS I will be on hiatus for a short time but when I return I hope to bring a guest blogger along as she and I will be on a road trip. If we can figure out how to do it we will post blogs every day.

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