Sunday, September 6, 2009


President Obama wants to address the students of this country about staying in school. The conservative right is totally against this speech--like it's a brainwashing ploy. Well, if you have to brainwash kids to get them to stay in school, personally, I'm all for it.
The divisiveness of the right is really getting on my nerves. They have rallied with that fat guy, Rush Limbaugh and are trying to undermine everything the President is trying to achieve.
Take health care. How can we possibly be against a program that will cover people who now cannot be treated at all or take any medication because they can't afford it?? What is wrong with these people??????? Do they think we can just turn our backs on the portion of the country who are unemployed or underemployed and have no insurance. Oh, wait. Some think they will have to wait longer at the Doctor's office. Puh-leeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An extra ten minutes of your time is not going to kill you. Old people think they will be left to die. Come on!! This is America not Nazi Germany no matter what those on the extreme right may be selling to you. Nobody is going to be left to die because of their age. People are being left to die now no matter what their age BECAUSE THEY CAN"T AFFORD INSURANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why doesn't everyone get that?? It makes me sick to think that the conservative right is using the fears of the seniors and the well to do to make new policy seem like some kind of police state.
Wake up people!!! We need to change. We need to help others. It comes with a cost. How could it not? Your president is trying to make the people with the most money pay the most. He is on your side. Not Rush Limbaugh or any of those other pundits out there.
President Obama does not hate whites or the elderly. He is not growing a mustache ala Hitler.
He is an intelligent man who is trying his best to get us out of the quagmire that the Republican government got us into.
We need to reconstruct the attitude of the 1960's where helping people and supporting our brothers was the ideal not an aberration.

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