Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Tweet Thing

Twitter is a fascinating place. I don't follow too many people nor do too many follow me but I can barely keep up with all the tweets going on. Some days there are so many that I can hardly read them all.
Sheri Shepherd (from THE VIEW) always has a lot of tweets. You know, I don't need to know every time her kid makes a "poopie"...You know???? Why does she think she should write about that or her insomnia or who she has a crush on(and then tell her tweet pals not to tell--uh, Sheri PUBLIC DOMAIN) but then again this is a woman who got a Brazilian wax job on national television.
Ashton Kuthcer is a feast or famine kind of tweeter. He will tweet every couple of minutes for around a week and then there is a long silence. I always wonder what he is doing then! He does support a lot of charities and good causes in his tweets as well as sending us some funny videos he likes via Utube.
Remember when none of this existed? How did we ever manage not knowing all these little details about people we know and people we don't know? I can remember a time when I didn't even know if a celebrity had a Brazilian or not! And I was fine with that! I don't really care if Demi(or Mrs.K as she is sometimes referred to) has her 1 million followers or not! Oh, and Asher I'm not following her no matter how much you beg us to send her some love(REALLY?).
I hardly ever say anything on Twitter. I try not to be too specific or tell too much. If I talk to someone who I follow and who follows me, it is short and sweet.
I don't know how to download links and all that stuff so I am probably missing out on the complete experience but c'est la vie. I'm having enough trouble "following as it is"!

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