Monday, September 14, 2009

Get Ready

I have the hardest time getting ready for a trip and I am going on a long one real soon. Oh, I've got my hair appointment(today) and a pedicure scheduled. My suitcase is handy and I have done a mental list of all the toiletries and make up I may need.
Sounds like I'm all ready, right? Well, there is one little problem. I don't know what clothes to take. That's a problem, isn't it? We are travelling to Las Vegas and then to Oklahoma City and then to St. Joseph, MI. I know it will be hot as the blazes in Vegas and pretty hot in OK City and not hot in St. Joe's.
I know I will take jeans but I better have two pairs in case I spill something on the road and then I would have stained jeans the whole time. I will take my leggings and easy tee shirts for on the road but I better take some shorts too.
Should I take nice long sleeve tops or just short sleeves? Do I need a jacket or a sweatshirt and what about pj's--warm ones or not?
Should I coordinate it all so it all goes together? Do I take just enough so I have to do some laundry at my daughter's house? Or do I just take 15 pairs of undies with me? Oh, see what I mean?
Do I try to cram it all in a medium suitcase and have a carryon for the plane or do I just use my giant suitcase and gamble that it won't be over 50 lbs? Do I take my giant purse or just a medium one that has a lot of pockets. Will it be summer or autumn? Duh! I don't know. Technically it will be fall most of the time but then you never know about the weather any more do you?
I will be all organized and pick out my clothes(I will come up with some scheme) and then as I put them in the suitcase I will second guess myself the whole time and toss out a bunch and add a few that I decide will work better.
All during the trip, I will wish I brought something or other that I don't have and I will be kicking myself about it.
So as much as I love to travel(and I do--even road trips) I hate to pack!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun! What is Meg doing in MI? see my note below on your previous post. Love, Bean