Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trouble in Llanview

OHMYGOSH! My favorite soap character just got shot yesterday. Twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know he is going to live but I got a tear in my eye when he went down the first time. That's right I said the first time. He is so brave he got up and tried to stop the bad guys even wounded!! I bet you think it is John McBain but you would be wrong. It is Shaun!
Shaun is a big, African American football player type. He first came on the show as a bad guy's bodyguard who was his best friend too. Then he hardly talked...come to think of it, at first he was kinda like Silent Bob.
Then as his friend got more air time, Shaun started talking and he even had a fake girlfriend for a while(doing somebody a favor). Well, pretty soon the rich folks over at LaBoulee(Boo-LAY) needed a body guard and Shaun got the job. By then, his former friend had been written off the show.
So Shaun has been doing more and more and having more scenes and pretty soon, I was really liking him. I really loved him yesterday when he called Star's baby(one of the people he guards) "SugarLump". I hadn't heard that term of endearment in many years. To hear it out of the big guy's mouth made me tear up a little.
Shaun has been dating Rachel who isn't really mad for him and she is mad for his brother in spite of her protests to the contrary. She just kissed the brother and wait til she finds out that Shaun is shot and very seriously wounded. She will have a giant guilt trip and I'm glad. Shaun deserves a girlfriend. He is sweet, good looking, kind and brave.
I hope the PTB over at One Life to Live give this good guy what he deserves!

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