Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh, the Joy!!!

My daughter is living in Las Vegas and we have gone out to visit her many times and she has come home once or twice a year. She calls frequently and we SKYPE on Sundays. No matter what,though, it is a long long way from here.

We are going to visit her for the last time next Saturday. Why the last time, you ask??

BECAUSE SHE'S MOVING TO MICHIGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can drive to her house in 4 and 1/2 hours. We will live in the same time zone. She can come to Thanksgiving dinner and family birthdays. She'll be close to family as both sides have Chicago residents and they are only about an hour away.

After DH returns to Cleveland from our already planned vacation, I will stay behind and drive with our daughter to her new home. Ohboy, ohboy! A girlie road trip!! We've done it once before when she had an internship in California. We had a swell time until the last day when she was sick as a dog from whatever the heck she ate at dinner the night before.

Oh and our car broke down in Kingman, Arizona where it was 113 degrees!! But we "manned up" and kept at it.

Hopefully, this trip won't involve car repairs or sickness. I can't wait to play the "Or" Brad Pitt or George Clooney, chocolate cake or chocolate chip cookies...get it?? We will listen to our favorite music and some nostalgic stories will be shared. We will not eat fast food and we will drive too many hours in one day but it will be wonderful!

Every mom should be as lucky as I am. My daughter is my friend.


Megan said...

I love YOU. We'll have to make a WHOLE bunch of mixed CDs before they pack up my computer. Can't wait. LOVE!!!

Anonymous said...

Now girls---did I miss something?? I have been off the computer for a few days and wham---Meg is moving!!! Well, WHY??? Did I miss it?? And gosh so fun for you both. I love to travel w/the girls. Have a blast! Will everything fit in the car? Or will you rent a truck?? Or did Meg purge her whole wardrobe, etc??? Love, Bean

Megan said...

Beanie- I know Mom filled you in more on the details, but I just wanted to say thanks, too.

We'll be leaving next Saturday for Michigan. First, Mom and Dad come to Vegas for some celebrating. ;)

Love, Megan