Monday, September 14, 2009


Things are really hopping in Llanview, PA. these days. There has been a drug ring that the Mayor and some Russian Mafia guys were running(where the mayor of Llanview met any Russians is beyond me.) They were duped by Cole, the teenage father and boyfriend of Starr (he's not her father they have a child named Hope) so to get even and out of town, the Russians kidnapped Starr and the baby.
For the rescue, there were stunts!! There are hardly ever stunts. First John McBain threw himself through an open window and then Bo Buchanon(the police commissioner--you know how they get involved in all the crimes in your fair city) did a somersault right through said window. He's around 60 years old. It was pretty impressive let me tell you.
At the hospital where the only doctor to be seen for months was John McB's baby brother, Michael, there are now 3 doctors and even a couple of nurses and good thing too, as my friend, Shaun got shot at least twice and is in need of brain surgery which his brother will perform.(!)
In the same rescue, former Navy Seal, Brody Lovett, got reamed on a metal pole and he needs surgery stat!! He is (of course) the boyfriend of the girl whose husband just died around a year ago. He did save Starr and the baby though. That Starr!! She just hightailed it with Brody and into the boat that was waiting for her and she paddled her little arms of to get outta there!
Will Shaun die? Will Brody?? Will Bo have a spastic back for the rest of his life? Will John Mc Bain's brother ever find out it took three doctors to replace him?
I don't know but I can't wait to find out!


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