Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Lassie Named Bill

I never knew that Lassie made so many movies. I just watched one where the poor old gal(although sometimes she was actually a male but never mind that) was named Bill.
First off, who names their dog Bill anyway? Elizabeth Taylor, that's who! She was the star of the show along with Lassie.
Anyway, Lassie...I mean, Bill.... was trained to be a sheep dog and saved the lambs and saved Liz from a snowy demise and then saved her from drowning and THE END, right??? Oh no my friend.....Bill gets lost and ends up as a war dog.
He leads the men to safety of course. While he was being trained Bill, now named Duke, his trainer kept saying that he knew the dog was trying to tell him something. I think he was trying to tell the dope that his name was BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After the war, Bill is suffering from post traumatic disorder and growls at everyone in sight and escapes from the train that is taking him to a rehab hospital and heads straight home to Liz. Now that isn't so surprising to anyone who saw The Incredible Journey. Anyway, on his way home, Bill wreaks a little havoc at the other farms in the area before reuniting with Liz who he growls at and scares so she trips and hits her head and is down for the count.
Suffering from remorse (and probably delayed recognition) the dog tries to revive her and he does and they are happily reunited!!! THE END, right??? Oh no my friend....Bill gets arrested(or at least the dog equivalent and goes on trial)!!
During the trial the old judge refuses to hear anything but the facts so it looks like Bill is doomed but then the Wizard of Oz(oops, forgot to tell you he was in it as the local vet) pets his head and sees his Army tattoo. During the lunch break he calls the Army(after all, he is the Wizard) and finds out that Bill is a decorated hero and of course, he is reunited with Liz. The END, right???
I rate this movie 3 dog bowls!!!

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