Sunday, May 17, 2009

All About Teeth

We watched the Preakness yesterday but only saw the wrap up as we were too long at the grocery store to see the actual race and I forgot to tape it. We did see that Rachel Alexandra won and almost got caught by Mine That Bird. How exciting it must have been in real time! We did get to see the owner and the jockey, that Calvin guy, talk to the commentator though and lo, and behold, Calvin actually does have teeth! It has been an ongoing joke around here that the man had no top teeth but he does--just itty bitty ones.
I said that I wasn't surprised a fillie won the race as if I were her I would run as fast as I could to get away from all those boys whose intentions probably wouldn't be all that honorable(what with being horses and all). Plus maybe she thought that Mine That Bird was going to bite her on the.....well, the flank. SO she got outta there!
I had the flight impulse this week too as I had to go to the dentist. Going to the dentist is my worst nightmare and I hadn't been since my last dentist squirted Novocaine down my throat and all over in my mouth. Oh, yes, he did and it was the most terrible experience. I knew I had to go back but not to him and NO NOVOCAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way, no how!!
I have the worst teeth in the world anyway. I have giant fillings from when I was a kid and apparently the dentist just took the easy way out and filled two teeth with one filling. I have had three caps and probably more to come as those big honkers start to crack.
Plus I have a tiny little mouth(and those of you who know me may find that hard to believe) with big horse teeth(speaking of horses) and have had four baby teeth and eight adult teeth(including wisdom) pulled to make room for the ones I have.
I still remember getting my baby teeth pulled. The dentist and my mother had to catch me because I took off from the chair after I got a load of the needle that he was going to put in my mouth. I didn't get far but I alluded them for a little while as I ducked and ran around the chair in his office. Needless to say, they won and the teeth came out to make room for the new.
Sometimes I wish I had no teeth but after checking out old Calvin, the jockey, I wouldn't trade my horse teeth for anything!

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