Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jack and John-- A Tale of Two Heroes

Jack Bauer saved the world again last night and paid nothing for it except he has some biopathogen in his body that is killing him but no big deal.....I know it's no big deal because Keifer Sutherland already signed for a new season. Most seasons he is stabbed and shot and beat up ten times by the bad guys before the day is out but this year he's only supposed to die... no big deal for our Jack.
I love Jack. He has his own set of rules. He speaks in a whisper unless he is upset and then he yells at the top of his lungs...nothing in between. He is loyal to his friends, even Tony, who turned out to be a bad guy. He never wants to be a bother--he would rather die than put anyone out. Just ask Kim, his daughter, she wanted to help him but he wouldn't let her because there was a tiny little risk to her. How dare she?? Doesn't she know that the only one who can take a risk is her father?? Well, she might not.
Ever since she was a teenager Kim has been a trouble magnet. It's not the poor girl's fault. She is just a little..um....gullible? Naive?? Stupid???? Probably all of the above. But never mind, she has a world class martyr and hero for a father so she always gets out of it.
Anyway, Jack is my hero. Well, one of them....
John McBain is my daytime television hero. He is a lot like Jack. Speaks in a whisper or yells.
He is loyal to his friends. He spent forever trying to save his friend(ie. lover) Marty who was being held by Todd in his house while everyone else swore she was dead and John was nuts.
He never wants to be a bother either. He would rather sit alone in his one room apartment or drink beer on his roof. He doesn't have any kids of his own but he recently married a woman with three so does that count?? They aren't naive or dumb or gullible though. Their father was the one who had Marty.
John was recently tied up in a straight jacket in a mental institution and only escaped with the help of a hallucination of his father's dead and blind police partner and two hundred readings of Harry Houdini's book during his childhood. As he ran out the door to save his friends, he stopped in the psychiatrist's office to grab his leather jacket...... He what??? you ask? It's real leather and black, his favorite color. No matter that in the scene before the teenagers were talking about going swimming since it was such a nice night!! Maybe it was cold in that mental institution...or maybe black leather breathes.
It's good to have heroes, even on television. I am glad I have around the clock heroes. John during the day and Jack at night. It makes a girl feel all warm and fuzzy inside. What did you say?? They're fake? That's what you think!

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