Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Hats

Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby and so my husband and I taped it so we could get all our errands done and still see it. It lasted for two hours so good thing we could fast forward through it!
The hats are always astounding. I know the tradition started in Ascot in England but these hats rivaled anything I ever saw in My Fair Lady! They were absolutely gigantic. Not being a fan of hats, I don't think bigger is better(except in the case of Will I. Am of course.) I don't know how they even maneuvered around one another. Well, anyway, they are always a source of amusement.
Another source of amusement for me anyway, is the parade to the paddock. That should probably be capitalized but I'm not sure. Anyway it is when the horses are paraded past and the camera shows them and you can see how beautiful they are and that is when I always make my final pick(after choosing a couple by their names alone--don't try this "method" it hasn't been very successful so far).
That is not what cracks me up. The horses all have escort horses with rings of flowers around their necks so of course I always think they are girls and the runners are boys. This is a very juvenile thought I know but what can I say I am somewhat juvenile. Anyway, the runners are always turned toward the escorts so it looks like they are talking to one another.
I imagine it kinda like this:
Fancy Runner: Hey baby, meet me in the winner circle later and I'll buy you a drink.
Other fancy runner: Hey, if I knock that guy off your back will you meet for a drink after the race?
Sometimes it looks like the escort girl horses are answering them kinda like this:
Escort horse: Oh, sure, like you're going to win
Escort horse: Buzz off..last year my date stood me up
I always talk for the horses during the parade and as usual I'm my own best audience but my husband gets a good laugh out of it too.
This year we both picked losers. Kevin had Dunkirk who tripped coming out of the paddock. Oh, well...he was 11th.
My horse was fifth. I picked Chocolate Candy..of course. Another guilt free food adventure!
The horse that did win was Mine That Bird at 50 to 1. It was an amazing win and since he was from Oklahoma and had trained in New Mexico--we had to like him as those are two of our favorite places. And who couldn't be happy for an underdog with a trainer with a broken foot and who only cost $9500 compared to his buddies who cost upwards of a million? It was almost a Seabiscuit moment!
I still felt sad about Eight Bells who passed away last year. I saw a plaque for her on one of the barns so that was nice. This year no horse was damaged beyond repair either although the two top contenders were both side lined because of injuries.
I love the Kentucky Derby and I'd love it even more if it wasn't for all those darn hats!!