Friday, May 1, 2009

Fat, Fatter, and Fattest

I always complain that I am just a little bit fat and I am --in all the wrong places. I have no but but a big tummy. I have no waist and no hips. It drives me crazy but it's in the genes and it's hard to do anything about it and I guess I'm just lazy..I never seem to conquer it.
Now I'm not the only one who is lazy. By her own admission, Kirsty Allie is just as lazy as I am--maybe worse. You know how she lost all that weight on Jenny Craig?? Well, she gained it all back and then some. She told Oprah how the paparazzi called her a Fat Ass and she still didn't go on a diet. A film crew came to her house and put all her workout equipment back into the house from her garage(where she put it for safe keeping wink wink) and said she would start working out the next day but she admitted to Oprah she didn't! She screamed a blood curdling scream when looking at Valerie Bertanelli's picture from her latest photo shoot.
Kirsty weighs 210 and expects to be "ripped" by November. Oprah told her over and over not to make a commitment like that on national tv so Kirsty said ok, February!!!! OHMYGOSH!!! She is so like me. I have done that to myself a million times and guess what?? IT NEVER WORKED. As soon as I would get close to my goal I would do something a slip off the wagon and start eating again so I wouldn't look as good as I could. Why oh why do we do that to ourselves, Kirsty?? And I bet we're not the only ones.
And then they had on the guy who lost 1000 pounds and gained that all back... OMG!! He is trying again and talked to Oprah but I just couldn't take it anymore and had to change to the Food Network! (I know I know) I just couldn't listen to him tell about his new diet plan. Will he do it again??? Last time he did it with the help of Richard Simmons. Can he do it without him?? Will he only lose 800 lbs this time. Who knows??? I hope he can break the cycle and not gain it all back like some people I know!

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