Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I had a wonderful day. I remember when the kids were little that they would bring me breakfast in bed with help from their dad. It was always after they let me sleep in. It would be special too. Fancy coffee and some kind of sweet and fruit. If we were strapped that year it would just be cereal but that was ok too. Really I just wanted the extra sleep as I was a tired, run down, working mother at the time. This year, I slept until the usual time but I didn't eat breakfast in bed. Now that I'm retired I could eat breakfast in bed every day and sometimes in the winter I do that especially if it is cold and dark and snowy. My husband bought me a scone and some McDonald's coffee which I love and enjoyed until the caffeine gave me a tummy ache. Oh, well. It went away pretty fast.
My son came over with a beautiful bouquet of roses and the fixings for dinner. He grilled us some marinated chicken(garlic lime, yum), baked potatoes and broccoli. We had highballs and I made a champagne cake for desert. Really, with real champagne. I saw the recipe and had to try it.
My daughter had mailed my gift and I opened it on Thursday so she and I had a long, long chat while my husband and son worked on the garden area around my patio. We must have talked for almost forty five minutes but there is a lot going on in her life and she always shares with me. I am so lucky she feels that way. The boys are filling my beds with river rock so the weeds will stay down and the deer will not eat all my plantings. They won't be able to because there won't be anything left except my large bushes and some decorations I have. So there to them. I am sick of them eating every nice plant I buy. If it gets cold enough early enough they eat even things the nursery says they won't.
Being a mom has been the most wonderful part of my life. I loved my babies, enjoyed my kids growing up(well, ok, not junior high so much) and they are great adults. They often asked me if I wished they were still little and the answer was always(except for the junior high thing but I just lied then) that I loved them just the way they were at the time they asked. It is a privilege to watch your children grow and change and face the pitfalls of life. And lucky for me, they still want to share their life stories with me.

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