Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apples and Oranges

First let me say, I know I am coming in late on this. That said, here goes.
When I was a kid in school I was taught what I thought was a valuable lesson. It was "you can't compare oranges and apples." It meant that some things were unique unto themselves and you could only compare them to things that were just like them. In other words, you could compare granny smiths and jonathons but not granny smiths and navels. See?
Well, that got shot to the blazes last night as I watched American Idol. How can anyone compare those two young men?? I have seen that Adam boy before--I have caught a bit of the show and never saw Chris until last night(the cute little thing--looks about 12 to me). I was a huge Danny Gokey fan from his first audition and his sad, sad story about his wife. I remember the girl with all the tattoos down her arm and that real young girl who made it so far. But that's it.
So Adam is a big rocker. He is flamboyant and talented. I don't know why the cameraman felt compelled to shoot right into his mouth but that's not the kid's fault. I can see his appeal. He kinda reminded me of a modern Elvis with his flashy clothes and his moody looks into the camera.
Chris was a straight up musician. He played the piano and the guitar and sang real well. He still looked 12 to me but again...not the kid's fault. He seemed soulful and straight up to me.
Now, the voters decide who they want to have as the American Idol. Can they pick the best singer? Which one was the best singer? It seemed to me that they were both great singers and talented and good showmen. They were nothing alike so how do you compare them so you can vote fairly? It was like Billy Joel vs Alice Cooper. Who's the best?? I know I don't know the answer to that.
I know that most of the voters are young girls who are voting for the one they think is "cute." I don't know if they take into consideration any other traits. I don't know if they listen to the judges who are professionals after all no matter how strange they may be.
Actually, it seemed to me that the judges had the same problem I have. How do you compare apples and oranges??
Actually, that might be easier. At least they're both fruits.


Megan said...

I saw that Adam kid sing "Mad World" and was very impressed. Haven't seen the Chris kid at all.

But, I'm specifically commenting because for some reason the last line of the post cracked me up:

"At least they're both fruits."

Haha. :) Love.

Brian said...

"Actually, that might be easier. At least they're both fruits."

It made me laugh, too. That's probably true on several levels.