Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hats Off to You!!

I just got back from seeing the Wolverine movie. Not my choice of course but it really wasn't bad. I am not going to do any spoilers here...just a few comments.
My old buddy, Will I. Am, he of the too small hats was in this movie and he was wearing a hat of course but guess what??? It actually fit over his hair!!! I have always thought it would make a big improvement if he wore a hat that fit over his hair and it did.
Hugh Jackman must have worked out for 24 hours a day for at least a year before he made this movie. He is totally buff(in both senses of the word)! Actually, all the men were really buff. Ryan Reynolds is not someone I thought of as very muscly but he was and Naomi Watts' husband too. It is amazing to me that movie actors have all those muscles and are so...let me say it again, buff.
This is the first movie I ever went to where I didn't eat popcorn or candy or have a soda. I was so proud of myself! It might have had something to do with the gigantic breakfast I had at Baker's Square but I don't usually have that much self control. I just got "high" off the popcorn fumes from the kid next to me and the lady behind me who had something chocolate.
If you go to this movie don't leave before the credits are over, just trust me on that.
We don't go to the movies often but if it is sci fi or about a comic book superhero you can pretty much be sure we've been to see it. I save the girly girl movies for at home when I'm on my own. Then I just tell my husband about them when he gets home--over and, just kidding.
There were hardly any cars at the theater and we got a great parking place. There wasn't even a line.....that's because the entire population was sitting in our theater when we got to it! We ended up pretty close not that I had to tip my head back to watch the screen although I've been put in that position. And being an action film there were a ton of explosions so it was pretty loud at times but I still seem to have my sense of hearing and the explosions didn't blind me, so I guess I made it through. A lot of people get killed too but I have learned to watch those parts with my eyes shut enough that I can watch but it is all blurry and not so graphic. Even the cartoon violence gets to me. I have that chicken thing going on!
I like going to the movies but only a few times a year. I am completely spoiled by watching at home for two reasons:
1. You can talk.
2. You can pause.
Could you just imagine if they had pause at the theater??? Ohmygosh, I don't think it would take long for a riot to break out and with my luck, I would be at the center of it.
So, most of my movie watching will take place in the privacy of my own home...oh, yeah, I have a habit of laughing at the most inopportune moments...just ask my husband about Bruce Dern in The Cowboys!

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