Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grand Finale

We are becoming grand finale addicts. We have watched three grand finales in two days and one of the shows we didn't even watch! We will probably continue the habit with American Idol.
First, we watched the grand finale of The Amazing Race. The last three teams were all good ones and we weren't sure who would win. The deaf kid and his mother were the favorites, I think, because people were amazed at his skills in spite of his handicap. His mother was a strong,strong woman in every way. I could understand why people were rooting for them.
My personal favorites were Tammy and Victor, the lawyer siblings. Maybe because they reminded me of my own kids(in a Chinese American kind of way) or maybe because they didn't seem to be divas and they didn't get involved in any crap with any of the other teams.
There were the redheads too. They were former NFL cheerleaders and the one girl was the meanest, nastiest, ugly American traveler you ever did see. She belittled cab drivers, locals and even her own partner. They were the team I loved to hate.
These people did every thing from rolling giant cheeses to swimming in the Birds Nest to getting a painful foot massage to dressing up in local costumes. All this for a chance at one million dollars. I guess it would be worth it but my husband and I have decided if we ever got on we would probably be the first ones off! We always would decide who would do each challenge and if there was a choice we always decided which one we would pick.
Anyway, Tammy and Victor won!! YAY!!
Then, we watched the grand finale of Celebrity Apprentice. We started the season watching the last ten minutes or so, then we went to watching the last half hour and then the last hour and finally taped the last one and "power" watched it( fast forwarding through the boring parts).
So the last two were Joan Rivers and this poker player, Annie Duke. Joan won. YAY again. The funny part was that the poker player got totally played by the Donald in the last few minutes. She totally thought she won and she didn't have any poker face on.... then he said you're fired and she looked shocked. She tried to cover it up quick but she wasn't quick enough. So how does she win any money at poker if she is that delighted with herself?? She did have a giant ego and was really impressed with herself so I was glad she lost. We still can't stop talking about it though and analyzing what she did wrong and Joan did right.
Last night we watched the grand finale of The Biggest Loser. Just the last twenty minutes but we were both pulling for the 18 year old kid. We saw him a couple times and thought he was really amazing but some older woman won. Oh well, nobody is really a loser on that show except for losing weight.
The season for Grand finales is far from over and we will probably watch all of them! I love them.

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