Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Cold Shoulder

We have been watching all the basketball between the Cavs and the Magic. And I have made it my daily duty to check out the shoulders.
I first noticed Varejau after a game and he was there to make a comment about the great win. It might have been in the game before this series but whatever. He was all happy but by gosh he had two big giant bags of ice rubberbanded to his shoulders!! I couldn't believe my eyes. He's just a young thing and to see he had that much pain after a game broke my heart.
Then I started to notice that Dwight Howard had extraordinary shoulders. In fact, you could say they are beautiful! Yes, really. I know it seems silly but they are some amazing shoulders. Just look at him shooting and you will have to agree although I like them best when he is just standing there.
Mo Williams has the most decorative shoulders in my opinion. Other members of the Cavs and even the Magic have all kinds of tattoos on them but Mo's shoulders are the premier tattoos of all time. He seems so little out there but he is around the 6 foot mark(possibly more) and his aggression all seems tied to those remarkable shoulders.
Some girls like butts, and some like abs but give me those shoulders and I'm a happy camper!