Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Being There

OHMYGOSH! I have heard the song I'll Be There so many times over the last week that it is running in my head all the time! Even in the night when I get up to answer nature's call!
I always liked that song but this is ridiculous. And I am hearing the original version from when MJ was about ten years old!
Isn't it funny how our brains work? I can hear that song as clear as day and MJ's voice just as it was the orchestration and everything. Now if I can hear it so well, why can't I sing it just as well? Somehow that doesn't translate over.
That's why all those jerks who can't carry a tune in a bucket go on American Idol all the time and say they are a terrific singer. What they hear in their heads is the original version but what comes out is ...well...scary.
It is a little weird to have the Jackson brothers in your head all the time. It is a little like having multiple personalities that can't get out so they just keep working in your head. I wish I could stop it but I don't know how.
Last night, at the end of the show we were watching, they played the song Never Can Say Goodbye. Now I thought for sure that would take over as they played the part of that song with those words over and over and over but apparently it is not a strong enough song to take over. It must have a weak personality!