Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thirty and Counting

Boy! We have been married for thirty years...THIRTY YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought about that much in my youth but it is pretty much of an accomplishment.
It means that in spit of our flaws and quirks we have made a commitment to stay together and enjoy each other--foibles and all. I never thought I would want to put up with anyone's flaws and quirks for so long any more than I thought someone would put up with mine!
Do we always get along?? Not always. We have different ideas about some things and DH has to tap down the know- it -allism once in a while and I have to tap down the "poor little me"syndrome but most of the time we are comfortable in our own skins together.
We do a lot of things together. We work out, we fix dinner, we watch television, we give blood, we read, we sit outside and talk, we talk about our kids and on the weekends we go out to breakfast, go to the outdoor market, and try to catch up on our movie watching(although that is a harder task than one might think).
I know that sounds boring to some but for us it is just the right life and we look forward to 30 more of them(and in this day and age it's possible we'll make it since we will only be around 90!!)


Anonymous said...

Congrats Sue and Kevin. Ain't it great to enjoy the big events like 30 yrs. We are creeping on 39 next Feb. So so hard to believe. Has it really been that long since college? Celebrate in style. Love, Bean and John

SUE said...

Thanks honey!!! I know the time goes too fast Love you!