Tuesday, July 21, 2009


For some reason my television has turned Spanish on me. When I hit the mute button, it says Silencio instead of Mute. It's really cracking me up. None of the other commands come up in Spanish nor do the people on the television speak Spanish.
I had to make a couple of calls so I hit the mute button. The first time it silencioed(SP?? I took French)it was the local show with Fred Griffith and a couple of young people who I don't know. It made me smile to shut them up.
The second time it was Bruce Jenner. Silencio, Bruce!!! Now that I just loved. Oh and it shut up Bonnie Hunt too. It actually felt pretty powerful. OLE!!
Obviously, my Spanish side is mean and vindictive or else the television has some strange power over me when it speaks Spanish...now that's a scary thought. I would hate to be ruled by a Spanish speaking television. Most of the time I wouldn't know what it was talking about. But "Silencio" is pretty clear.
Oh, wait, I think it is talking to me again. It's saying..............Silencio, Susita!!!


Megan said...

This is my all time favorite post of yours, Mom. VERY funny. ;) Love!

SUE said...

Glad you liked it!!

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