Friday, July 31, 2009

The Good Ole Days

I just channel surfed while having my lunch and came upon the old movie LONE STAR. It apparently was about Texas joining the union but I missed most of the movie and I don't know Texas history being an Ohio girl.
Anyway,. there was this giant brawl led by Broderick Crawford(who went on to play a cop on television when I was a young girl) and the Bad Guys with the Good Guys led by Clark Gable. It started with gun fire, went on to hand to hand combat and rifle butting in the head and the classic gunpowder keg in a horse drawn wagon(those poor horses) and through the whole thing not one drop of blood was drawn!
I love that about old movies. It is great to just imagine the carnage instead of looking at it. I hate that. Now not in horror movies. If you go to a horror movie and expect to see no blood you are pretty stupid in my opinion. Ok and war movies...although old Hollywood was good at that too. I don't like all that stuff and I would probably go to the movies more often if they got rid of a good bit of it.
I hated the movie THERE WILL BE BLOOD, but at least they were honest about it and gave you a heads up from the get-go. With all the ratings out there there should be one for blood. Oh and gratuitous violence. I know that they have a violence one but gratuitous violence is worse because you don't expect it even in a violent movie.
Anyway, back to LONE STAR. It all ended with Sam Houston(now him I heard of) came riding up with Geronimo(I kid you not) and he let Clark and Broderick duke it out to settle the whole thing. Since Broderick was already becoming a little chubby he didn't have a chance against Rhett Butler, oh, I mean Clark Gable. Ava Gardener was hovering in the background looking beautiful.
But My ABSOLUTE favorite part was when Broderick Crawford rode up to the Good Guys barricade and they asked him if he had any congressmen with him and he says yes and Clark says well, they need to get in there and do their jobs and the answer is no way and everyone starts shooting! All I could think was, OHMYGOSH, don't kill the'll never get in the Union. Especially when one Bad Guy got rifle butted in the head, what if it was a congressman?? Wouldn't they have to have a new election and all that stuff??
Apparently not because all it took was the fist fight between Clark and Broderick and it was all over but the shouting(which I heard on my way back here to type this blog).
AND the Lone Star became a state!!

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