Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Nose Knows

OHMYGOSH!!! I just heard a report that Michael Jackson's nose went missing in the morgue. I bet that's possible. Have you seen the pictures? There have been more close ups of the nose than there ever were when he was alive. It'll probably be on Ebay at any moment. Or maybe Sotheby's will auction it off.
I never liked my nose. I think it is too big and has a goofy bump on it. I never even entertained the idea of doing anything too it ( oh, except one time when I was about 15 and had no idea what a "nose job" entailed).
I have come to respect my nose and understand that it doesn't rival that of Cyrano de Bergerac. It's just a nose. Well, not really. My nose has an uncanny ability to smell even the subtlest of scents. I'm always the milk smeller and the wine smeller. I can smell smoke on you from twenty paces. I can smell the sour sponge or the tiniest rose.
This is an ability that one should not sniff at(pardon the pun).. if there was a fire starting in your home, you would want me to be there to raise the alarm.
So anyway, MJ had an obsession with his nose. Apparently, he finally thought he got it right. I wonder if he could smell anything? He sure didn't notice his hair was on fire back in the day. If my hair was on fire, I would know in a hot minute(once again my apologies for the pun).
So what do you think the thief or thieves are doing with Michael's poor fake nose?? Putting it under glass? Selling it on the black market?? Having it transplanted onto their own face?? Who knows? It's probably just a hoax anyway.

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