Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Song Keeps Going Around and Around

Boy, I hate it when a song gets stuck in your head. I really hate it when it gets stuck in your head when you are supposed to be going to sleep. Last night a song kept running through my head over and over until I just had to get out of bed and go and watch television for 2 HOURS(!)
until I was tired enough to actually sleep and it got out of my head.
BUT GUESS WHAT?? It is back this morning with a vengeance. It's not a bad song and it really makes me smile(at least most of the time) and I didn't even know my brain could multitask like it has been doing this morning. Even as I type this, the song keeps running quietly in the background. I ask you, is this madness or what???
I have tried replacing it with a different song but to no avail. I am beginning to wonder if it is ever going to stop. I suppose it will when I least expect it. At least it isn't a sad song or a long song like the one where someone left the cake out in the rain. Once I had When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again running through my brain but it got cancelled out by the one that is running through my head right this very minute.
Did you ever have that happen to you?? How in the world did you ever get it to go away? When I was learning from Oprah on how to be a more serene person etc, that guy she was working with would just say you should just empty your mind and relax. I have NEVER been able just to empty my mind unless I'm on the verge of sleep. I try and try but the song just keeps going around and around......... it's a good thing I'm retired and can sleep in if I need to.
I wonder if it ever happens to the President or Brad Pitt or Kim Hong-Il? Probably. I wonder what they do??

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