Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Trip/Bad Trip

When I was a young woman there were good trips or bad trips but they had nothing to do with going to the grocery store(not that I ever had a good or bad trip honest) which is where I went today.
It was a good trip because it looked like it was going to rain and some organized woman(wait, it's me) had the forethought to take an umbrella and not leave it in the car. I took it because I thought if I did it wouldn't rain...silly me.
It did rain--actually it was a deluge and the umbrella was a pretty good defense against it but I am still soaked down one pant leg and I have been home about 20 minutes now. I did manage to save our newspaper before it was soaked beyond belief so that was good too.
It was a bad trip because it poured down rain. The entire time from leaving the grocery store until getting home. It was also bad because I really hate those checkouts. I always try to use the self-check out but I forgot I bought beer and wine so I had to wait for someone to make sure I was 21(tee hee..the joke was on them!). The kid who came over and verified my age looked to be around 13 herself so...........what is up with that anyway? Plus she was a little snot. I had two items so I asked if she had to swipe it after the next one and she just walked away and tossed a nasty "NO" over her shoulder like I was the stupidest woman ever born. Well, at least I was 21!

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