Sunday, April 26, 2009

I've Got Nothin' Once Again

I try to keep up my writing skills on this here blog but as I live a simple life, I don't always have something to say. Like today, no big life revelations or happenings. Which, by the way, is fine with me.
I have decided I have a tv crush. Ohmygosh, I hardly ever get one. Tom Cruise, oh, he's ok. Brad Pitt?? Not for me. George Clooney seems charming but doesn't turn me on. I could go on and on. Even back in the heyday of the Beatles when all the other girls were screaming their heads off...I just didn't get it. Now I do. I wait for Saturday night with breathless anticipation(well, not really breathless) to see the show I love to hate on the BBC--Ashes to Ashes. It is the sequel to Life on Mars and all in all it is pretty stupid and I don't like it except for him.
On the show, he plays Captain Gene Hunt. He is foulmouthed, has a beer belly,balding, acne scarred, drinks too much, has no respect for criminals or women, says what he thinks and takes no prisoners(so to speak). I'm mad about him.
This has taken me totally by surprise. Why couldn't I fall for a charmer?? Or a heart-throb?? It's like having a crush on Tony Soprano--except Gene is a good guy...I guess.
He hasn't slept with the lady cop or even kissed her yet but I know he will and I just don't want to see that!! Last night was the season finale so I will have to wait awhile to get my fix of Gene on Saturday nights. No one can replace him. The show that will replace him is Primeval and it has the woman I love to hate--Helen. She will have to do for now. I don't have a tv crush on her though, just so there's no confusion.
Now that summer is here I have vowed to ride my bike. We got our bikes fixed up last year and I kinda fell off so I stopped riding. Now I am determined that this summer I will learn to ride again. Except I saw this ad where Lance Armstrong said,"If you're afraid of falling off, don't get on the bike." Oh, gosh. Is that like the horse?? You know taking it to water but not making it drink?? I'm still going for it though.....I am kinda nervous.
Just got back from giving blood. You should too. Really, it's not that bad...and we all know what a chicken I am, right??????? And you get cookies...and if you're lucky, cake. I think that's the only reason my husband likes to give--the Oreos and the cake!!
Well, that's all I've got for now. I'm a little tired from blood donating and I think I need some more water. And some television and maybe a little nap.........


Anonymous said...

Ever think that maybe when you have nothing to say you should just refrain from posting ?

Megan said...

"I've got nothin'" is more about lacking a theme than anything to say... If you know my Mom at all, you know she's always got something to say.

Brian said...

Hey, Anonymous, why don't you shut the fuck up?

How's that for something to say?