Saturday, April 4, 2009


Ron Allen was my favorite reporter during the campaign for President. He was with McCain's camp and reported every night on NBC. Now I haven't seen him in the longest time until last night. But I am getting ahead of myself.
I always got a big kick out of him because(and I know he can't help it) he always looks so sad. I used to say to my husband that he looked like he was trying to find his lost dog, that's how sad he looked. It got to be a running joke at our house that in each town on the campaign trail, ole Ron was still looking for his missing dog. Why else would he look so eternally,well, sad??
So last night they announced he was doing the next story and I got all excited to see my old friend and sure enough..he still hasn't found his dog. He looks like the tragedy mask in all the old theaters. Poor dear, I hope he finds a reason to smile sometime in this millennium.
Now on the other hand, Ron Mott(I think he is on the same channel) is perpetually smiling. He could report that nuclear war had begun and he would have a big old smile on his face. He even has twinkly eyes which Ron Allen most certainly doesn't.
I think the network should bill them together as the comedy and tragedy masks of the news desk. When Brian Williams retires, they could be the new Huntley and Brinkley. You know, Ron M could do the happy news and Ron A could do the downer stuff. Probably Ron A would get more air time but maybe news will improve. I can just see the opening segment with their faces on those would be a riot...or maybe cause a riot.

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