Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Thing on Top of Another

Have you seen the commercials where they come and install a new bathtub surround(including the bathtub it appears to be all one piece) over your old bath tub?? I think that's so gross!! Kind of like putting a clean shirt on over a dirty one...or clean socks over dirty feet...or a clean blanket over dirty sheets. Well, you get my drift.
Some things I like on top of another...syrup on pancakes, for instance. Hot fudge over ice cream.
Onions on a burger. That is the way you do it.
I like layers too-- just not in bathtubs. I really like the new sweaters and jackets that layer over a tee or a tank. I like layers the best in the fall and winter and I don't like them at all in the summer. The only thing I like on top of my shirt in summer is the sunlight!
Layer cake is one of my favorite things. Especially white cake because it reminds me of weddings. I love weddings and have since I was a little girl. I loved them so much I even had one when I was too young and really didn't even want to go through with it.
But back to cake..we had the best bakery in Cleveland called Hough(rhymes with rough) and their cakes were the best. Loved their frosting. They had an outlet store out in Willoughby and we used to go there and fill a bag with goodies for only 10 dollars..or maybe five, I forget now. The ladies that worked there would always send the kids back to get a little more for their shopping bag and they loved that! We would always buy our birthday cakes there. They still tasted fine and I always tease my kids that they only like stale cake and three day old frosting.
It would be great to be able to make the cakes like they did.
One thing I really don't like on top of another is Mashed Potatoes with gravy. I can't even tell you why..it is a long story. I also hate wearing a hat on top of my head. Hats and I don't jive.
I'm always glad they have stayed out of style. I will wear a baseball cap to cut the grass though.
Sometimes one thing on top of another is bad--too much to do in too little time or even worse, someone you love is sick and another person you love gets even sicker. That is the worst.
I am hoping the layers of my life stay on top of each other without falling. It is a balancing act...but one worth working on.


Anonymous said...

Oh for a Hough Cake right now. I dream of those when my birthday gets close. And I loved the coconut cake with marshmellow type frosting. Gosh what memories. I wonder where we could find someone who would give out those recipes!!! I also loved, loved Davis bakery's brownies. Oh for the good old days in Willoughby. Bean

Megan said...

Oh, Hough Bakery... That was the best cake in the ENTIRE world. I did a quick google search for Hough Bakery and found some interesting stuff. Apparently, a bakery in Lakewood is owned by a man who used to bake for Hough and he has all the recipes. We should try it sometime when I'm home. :) It's called Archie's Lakeshore Bakery. He even has a Facebook page. Anyway, gotta love the internet for all the information you can find. :) Oh, Hough... Thanks for the nostalgia, Mom.

P.S. The word verification thing for comments was megation today... super weird.