Tuesday, April 14, 2009


That's the color of my foot right now. It's pretty disgusting actually. My poor husband always has to check it out for me. What a job!
Purple is usually a royal color. I haven't seen the queen of England wear purple ever, I don't think but I just finished a historical novel and they wore a lot of purple when they wanted to impress somebody.
I don't think my foot would impress anyone but I could be wrong.
I made purple frosting for my Easter cupcakes but they really turned out to be more lavender. Which was fine. I had put in just one drop at first and the frosting looked gray--not the cheeriest color for frosting that's for sure so I added another couple of drops and got a pretty spring-y color. I also made turquoise frosting and pink bunny cookies. Now in some circles that would be impressive.
I had a purple suit when I was in highschool. I thought it was the height of luxury. I had a spring green top to wear under it and I thought I was pretty cool. No pictures of it so I have no idea if it would have stood the test of time or not. I remember I wore it on my first date with Eric F. and it was a beautiful spring evening and I said," Isn't it beautiful?" meaning the evening and he said,"Yeah, you look nice." Stopped liking him a little right then and there for thinking I was so vain to fish for a compliment so obviously. I did go to the prom with him though. He bought be an ugly corsage and then I really stopped liking him. He bought those green orchids like they have at the drugstores for Easter. YUK! I wanted daisies or carnations or roses or actually anything but those green orchids!
My kids at school always made a construction paper Purple People Eater for the letter "P". They were pretty cute. Or as cute as a one-eyed, one- horned flier can ever be! Some of those little ones could hold their breath until they turned purple I'm sure but they were wise enough not to do it at school.
Anyway, purple is not one of my favorites but it sure came in handy today.

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