Friday, April 17, 2009

Jemma and Dot Howard

Did you know that on Facebook you can get a new name? I picked a Soap Opera name and Jemma Howard is my new moniker. I sent it to my daughter and she got Dot Howard. We sound like two sisters so we decided in that Soapy world we wouldn't be mother and daughter.
Jemma and Dot may have a few adventures now and then depending on my creative urges.
Let me introduce them today.
Jemma is small framed and has flowing red hair. It is naturally wavy but never gets out of control. She of course has a perfect body and a loving personality... unless you cross her then look out.
Her sister, Dot, is the long suffering sister. She has been married four times, twice to the same man. She has been in a coma, has been in a wheelchair, lost her memory and has an evil twin she doesn't know about. She is small framed with flowing blond hair and a perfect body. It is wavy but never gets out of control even when she is bed ridden. She has the gift of people loving her in spite of herself(it is hard to keep loving someone with so many problems).
The two young women(they have ageless beauty so nobody knows how old they really are) have moved to Ppanview to start all over again not knowing that many of their friends and lovers have followed them as they can't stand to live without the sisters in their humdrum lives. They are unaware that they are on a soap opera and think his is normal life...a source of many of their problems on As One's Children Live Life.
They both are madly in love with Rex, a perfectly sculpted specimen of mankind, but he is stupidly unaware of their adoration and prefers a boring girl named Mary. This is a challenge that both women are willing to embrace although neither knows what the other has planned.
Will one of the sisters win Rex's heart? Will Dot end up in another coma thanks to Jemma? Will Mary be the worm that turns? Is Rex totally clueless? Stay tuned!

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