Friday, April 24, 2009

Susan, Reborn

No, not me. Have you seen Susan Boyle the contestant on Britain's got talent?? If you haven't you should look her up on line and at YouTube. She is an amazing singer but shall we say kind of a lonely little petunia in an onion patch. What? Don't get that? Ok, ok. She is homely amongst all the beauties.

Why beauty and talent are attached like Siamese twins in our minds I don't really know. Especially for women. She came out and she wasn't gracious or fancy or glib--just a little nervous and silly and then she opened her mouth and out came---well, beauty!

So the press has taken all kinds of pictures of her with her flyaway hair and her bushy bushy eyebrows. Well, she recently got those bushy bushy eyebrows plucked down to a normal size. Oh, the reaction to that was positive mayhem. She is a sell out and is going"Hollywood." Oh, PLEASE!

Today I read that she got her hair colored. HOW DARE SHE?? Didn't she know that she was the homely one we loved? How dare she try to look her best? No other woman in the world, in her fifties, starts dying her hair...oh, wait, I did...and I'm sure many thousands if not millions of women in their fifties decide to color or keep coloring their hair.

She got new clothes too. A leather jacket..OMG, what was wrong with her cloth car coat? She only has to be on television and the Internet and photographed every time she leaves her house..she was fine before. Wasn't she?? Well, apparently she didn't think so or she would have refused all this "help" with her appearance. What really kills me is that the show What Not to Wear(Which originated in England) does it every day and nobody thinks anything of it when those women get new clothes, dye their hair and yes, even pluck their eyebrows.

Personally, I say, "You go, Susan!!!!" from one 50 something Susan to another!
*take note of the pics--that's me not Susan Boyle. Just check out the hair!

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