Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just Not Feelin' It

Have you seen the commercial where the "moon " comes to work and the "sun" asks him if he shouldn't be full and the "moon" just says he's not feelin' it? I don't know why but that always makes me laugh a little. He heats up some food thing and then the moon is full. Wouldn't it be funny if the moon chose when it was full or waxing or waning?
Lately, I haven't been feelin' it either. I really don't want to exercise. I really don't want to diet. I really don't feel like cleaning house. I really don't want to work on my scrapbook. I really really don't feel like cooking.
Every once in a while that happens. It's not like being depressed--been there done that. Maybe it's just laziness.
I haven't been feelin' it for The View lately either. I am getting sick of them yelling at one another even when they are not talking politics. I am tired of watching Joy try to act like she can stand Elizabeth. I only like Whoopi. I wish she would be the only one on there. I can't stand it when Barbara comes on as she tries to throw her weight around and rein in the other women with various degrees of success. She should retire permanently. She is getting older than dirt.
I think it's ok when you have one of those days or weeks or several weeks. Like I said it isn't depression. I think it's just the daily grind that gets to me...and the moon.


Anonymous said...

I think it is end of winter--is it spring yet syndrome. You feel spring one min, and a blast of cold wind the next. Still makes me want to hybernate. Although going to my scrapbooking room always motivates, just not in a get the house cook the meals sort of way. I bet you thought I never read the blog Sue. I do. Just wasn't sure how to post comments. And my politics may not have always agreed w/yours. Love the man and his enthusiasm but just not sure I want more gov't involvement with schools, health care, banks, and the auto industry. We will see in a year how I feel. He sure makes a statement for calm, cool, collected and family life which our country esp needs with all the sexting,etc. and for healthy lifestyles and a green environment.

The View is bad lately. I agree. I don't see it all the time but Joy is no longer funny with her humor. And poor Eliz. hardly has time to phrase an idea before they jump all over her. I love Whoopi. And Barbara has her moments but isn't what she used to be. Just not so fun to watch anymore, so WHY isn't the housecleaning done...must be these dran blogs I love to read each day. Smiles, your old roomie

SUE said...

Hey old roomie! Glad to hear from you. Hopefully, the snow will stop and we actually get spring.
Glad you are giving Mr. Pres a chance-he sure is facing a lot of challenges.
Have a great one!