Thursday, April 23, 2009

Movin' On

Well, I haven't talked about my soaps in a while so today I just can't resist. On All My Children, this woman says her marriage is over and she has to move out of her house. So her ex-husband( you know how helpful they are) says he'll go get her things. He comes back with one suitcase and a carry-on bag! Now if I had to move and let's even say just my wardrobe--I would need a van at the very least. And on these soap operas, these women have the clothes, let me tell you. They used to wear designer but apparently with the downward spiral of the popularity of the soaps, wardrobes aren't quite as fancy as they used to be.
So does she say where's the rest of my stuff?? I assure you she does not. She just picks them up and goes back to the present husband because she loves him even though most of the characters in Pine Valley refer to him as "the devil."
My old friend, John McBain is on the move too. He doesn't have to worry about wardrobe as he always wears the same black shirt and pants..really....every day. Anyway, he is wrongfully imprisoned for murders he didn't commit and so his old buddy, Antonio, gives him the key to his cell and he escapes. Actually, come to think of it, this is the second time he was wrongfully incarcerated and had to escape...but I digress. That key to the jail cell looked frighteningly like the key to my front door..but we won't go there either.
So once John makes a break for it(by casually walking out the door and furtively glancing over his shoulder) where does he go?? Straight to the airport to make a break for it?? Nope. To the bus terminal?? Nope. To a secret hiding place?? Oh, no. He goes straight to the public hospital! Oh, nobody will see him there--he is wearing his cloak of invisibility( oh wait, that's Harry Potter). Well anyway, his brother(Llanview's one and only doctor who I have mentioned before and is getting laid off so I don't know what they will do when someone gets sick) hides him in his secret hiding place in the room where you get drugs and hides him between an in-wall cabinet and a standing glass cabinet that he pushes over to make a little hiding place and tells his brother not to move because "people come in here." No Duh! The camera never left his face and of course you could see him the entire time. WHAT A HOOT!!
John doesn't hide of course but manages to get dressed like a doctor-- mask and surgical cap and all so no one will recognize him and goes to say goodbye to his wife before he makes a break for it. There is another woman he has a thing for and 10 bucks says he'll go see her next minus the get-up.
So now you know how to split from any given situation. When in doubt only take one suitcase and a carry on and whatever you do go straight to a public place before you leave town.

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