Friday, April 10, 2009

One Small Step

I fell down half a flight of steps yesterday. I bet you are thinking I was in my stocking feet...well, no. Ok, then I was carrying too much.....well, no. You must have been in a big hurry then...well, no. I just misstepped..I felt my shoe slip off the edge of the step and away I went. I had the presence of mind to rearrange my self so I didn't go head over heels but I did manage to twist my right foot as far as it could go and it is sprained.
Isn't it funny how something so small can change things so fast?? I was so proud I had picked up my Easter ham, finished the shopping and now I could just bake and clean up the house and I would be all set. I went upstairs to pack the Easter "baskets" and the result was a visit to the Emergency room!
What really makes me mad is that I had been working out on the treadmill for all these weeks and I had gotten up to 1.8 miles with a 5 incline in a half hour. We were even going to go to the Y's 2K walk in May. I was ready!! Now I'm not.
Every time I get near to being as fit as I would like something like this happens. And always with the feet!!! What is up with my feet anyway?? Do they not know their job is to hold me up at all times?? What do they think they can take a vacation??? At least I'm not in a wheelchair and the pain should pretty much be gone by next week. I have a good prescription and my boys won't let me work too hard. They will both pitch in to make everything go smoothly.
One small step doesn't seem like much...but it can be a giant leap...down the steps!

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