Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Armed and Ready

I'm off today to deal with the bank. I will let you know how I fare. Just don't be surprised if I cave and pay the darn fee. I am going to cancel the card no matter what.

In better news, only two days until my birthday trip. Yep, I'm counting the days. It's like in the 80's there right now so it sounds really appealing. Plus no cooking and people I love. Nothing but good there!
I'll add more to this later unless I am so angry I can't function!
Well, armed with a little anger and a well rehearsed speech, I am happy to say that I got the fees eliminated from my card and she was even very nice about it. I had a giant knot in my stomach because I was afraid they would argue with me but I was so glib and professional sounding, that there was no confrontation at all, thank goodness.
I hate confrontation. I don't want to be in an argument, feel uncomfortable around someone, worry that someone doesn't like me or have words. I just want things to go along smoothly.
Lucky for me, I am spending my birthday with folks who just want to have fun!!

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