Friday, November 13, 2009

He's Baaack!

One Life to Live is my favorite soap of all time. It has its ups and downs but recently we have been on a roller coaster ride that has been only up, up, up!

First of all, Mitch Lawrence, consummate bad guy is back....from the dead. Which is not a giant surprise since he thinks he is the second coming. Mitch is the leader of a cult and can spout Bible passages and act holier than thou while he is plotting and planning to kill and generally ruin all the lives around him.

He is good looking, sure of himself, cocky, self promoting, glib, charismatic and totally evil. Oooh, he is the soapiest villain of all time...and he turns up every once in a while to my delight.

He is the father of Jessica(who always thought she was a Buchanon but it turned out that Mitch raped her mom) and was the husband of Jessica's sister, Natalie. I don't remember how that happened but believe me it was sure to be a big mess.

In the meantime, Rex Balsam, who has been fatherless most of his life and has had a couple of fake fathers, is trying to find out the real story about his dad....and guess what? That's right! It's MITCH LAWRENCE!!! Apparently Rex's mom was part of his cult and had his child when she was young and, most likely, drunk.

Mitch has managed in the few short days he's been back to exhume the body of Jessica's dead husband and leave him for her to find, shot and killed Natalie's present husband, and the bastard is going to walk away from it all, just you wait and see! He is already taunting John McBain with his story of his "abduction" by the poor dead kid and I'm sure he'll be out of jail before you can collect 200 dollars!

Mitch never pays for his crimes and if you think he is dead, he isn't. If you think he's in prison, he's out. He will wreak havoc on Llanview!! I can't wait!