Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday Bog

Well, I'm back from my trip and of course I couldn't blog every day as I was busy and I didn't take my laptop so let me give you a lowdown!

Thursday, November 5: Today we travelled. You know it takes all day now no matter what. Especially if you are changing time zones. I woke up at 7am in Cleveland and went to bed at midnight in Vegas. In case you want to know that is 20 hours straight!

Friday, November 6: It is my birthday and I am in the pool and it is 80 degrees and I am surrounded by my favorite people and I even got presents! I had my party under a pergola and then got back in the water. We ate at a fancy restaurant and I got to sit in a chair that looked like a throne and my kids treated me!! What a day. I am so lucky.

Saturday, November 7: They say nobody really wins in Vegas but they are wrong. I played Deal or No Deal today and I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I know..but it's funny isn't it?

Sunday, November 8: Today I fell in love with gold fish......the game. Oh, it was so much fun. There was Calypso music and Confetti when you won a bonus and you got to match up the fishes until the turtles matched up. All that and free drinks too! I tripled my money today too. Too bad it was only five bucks.

Monday, November 9: If you go to Vegas you have to embrace your inner glitz and the epitome of that was Walter Liberace. Believe me, you have to see the Liberace museum. It is spectacular and funny as all get out. I laughed so hard I could hardly contain myself and a certain someone got yelled at! Just for asking a simple question!! The old lady curator was a giant BIOTCH!!! Liberace would have been horrified! Anyway, if you want a new appreciation for rhinestones and ostrich feathers, the Liberace museum is a must see.

P.S. You could even buy a purse with a photo of Liberace in his bathtub on it!! Only in VEGAS!

Tuesday, November 10:

Travelling home is bad enough but when you find out you have a layover in Chicago that you didn't know about it really stinks! Even though we didn't have to leave the plane and even though we moved to the first seats and could stretch our legs. Our pilot was commandeered and we had to wait an hour for a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't walk in our door until after 11pm. Yikes!

Wed, November 11:

Home again and back to errands and chores. BooHoo! Where is my Goldfish game when I need it??

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