Friday, November 13, 2009

No Dough Girl

Yesterday I started back on the South Beach Diet. That means for the next two weeks--no carbs and after that only whole grain and sweet potatoes. But I had to do it. I cannot stand how I look for one more minute. Although, come to think of it, I guess I will have to stand it at least for awhile.

Cutting carbs isn't that hard to do...for a little while. With the holidays coming, carb cutting would be hard so I plan to get that part over with asap....hence starting yesterday. It's the first time I started a diet not on Monday. Maybe it will be the magic charm. I don't even have that much to lose. Maybe 20 or so and I would be in great shape. I work out consistently so you'd think that would keep the weight off, but no. I still have to monitor what I eat....from now on. No giving up and saying what the heck.

I just took a break and went tot he mall with my sis and guess what? I failed already. I ate Auntie Anne's! Oh well, I still won't give up. I'll just start again tomorrow and I am sure I will succeed...... at least for more than one day!

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