Monday, November 2, 2009

Furiouser and Furiouser

I am so angry I could pop a cork! Banks have the most ridiculous policies and the Feds are supposed to be doing something about it but in the meantime, the banks are gouging us for all we are worth. I have just been whacked with a $40.00 fee for not using my Mastercard and if I don't pay immediately the 25% LATE FEE CHARGE WILL BE IN EFFECT! Say what??
Does this bank have any idea how long I have been their customer? Does this bank have any idea how hard I worked to pay off these damn cards???????
Then to try to facilitate a solution, I foolishly called the 1-800 number they gave me and three guesses...I was talking to some woman in India ala Slumdog Millionaire! She told me that it is the bank's policy and I got another 1-800 number from her and they wanted my card number which I don't have because I shredded the card I no longer use. SO I hung up.
Tomorrow I will go to my branch and deal with a human who can help me out of this mess and if they don't I will be moving to a new bank....hopefully, a better bank. A sensible bank that doesn't have stupid policies.......hmmm, wonder if that even exists??

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Megan said...

A late fee for not using the card? Are they crazy? Grr. Let me know if you need me to knock some heads around. ;) Go get 'em.