Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh, Honey..Ahh Sugar Sugar

I just read my daughter's blog and not only is Archie married to Veronica which I found out at my local bookstore, but now they have kids. I was told by a source that these comic books are just an alternate universe kind of thing and in another series he will be married to Betty.

OHMYGOSH!!! In reality, Archie is 65 years old with a giant beer belly sitting in his Barcalounger watching television ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!

No woman in her right mind would marry a man who couldn't choose between two women for over 35 years!! I mean, really.

Just think about those two women.

Veronica--independently wealthy, spoiled rotten by her obliging father, beautiful and stacked

Betty-- the consummate girl next door, cheerleader, enthusiastic school leader, smart and beautiful and stacked

Now think about Archie.

Hasn't changed his haircut in 40 years. Has a skinny little body and no ambitous plans. Has no career goals. Hangs around with a kid named Jughead.

See what I mean??

Archie is fine for a highschool crush but as husband material, he sucks! B and V are much to smart to go down that path!!

I want to see the "reality" version of the Archie comic....on second thought it would probably be so boring no one would buy it.

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