Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Pa(l)in is Back

It pains me to say this but she's baaaaack. That's right, Sarah Palin is back in all her, um, glory.

She has a new book out(who didn't see that coming?) so she is doing the whole media circuit. I haven't watched any of it not even Oprah or Barbara Walters. Supposedly those two were supposed to eat her alive but the little clip I saw of Barbara, the old babe just looked slightly amused by the whole thing. I didn't get to see any of the Oprah interview.

I only saw a few clips of Palin on a few "news" shows I don't watch on conservative television and the little snippet from the Walters interview....just enough to see that Ms. Palin hasn't changed her style.

She still has those gawd-awful glasses and the weird hairdo but those don't offend me as much as her attitude and rhetoric. She still spouted a big long story of how she would save the economy to Walters and when she was done I had no idea what she had said let alone what she meant. Walters slyly said she had a way with words and Palin said she calls 'em as she sees 'em.

Speaking of seeing, wonder if she's seen Levi in Playgirl?? Isn't the timing of his appearance in that magazine just delicious?? I wonder if there is a review of her book in the magazine. You know girls only look at that magazine for the articles too....just like you men read Playboy for them.

What a little sleazeball he is! Any time she makes a political play, how much you wanna bet that he shows up and does something else slutty or jerky?

Anyway, the right always acts like we less conservative types dislike Palin because she's from Alaska and hunts and shoots and her kid plays hockey and she has a young daughter with an out of wedlock baby but that's not so. I don't like her because she can't answer a straight question, she throws around rhetoric, she is uninformed and unqualified for office, and if she's so conservative, she should stay home and take care of her kids!

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