Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes 2014

Well,the Golden Globes always look like my kind of party.  Everybody's drinking and then they have to go up on a stage and talk.  I had to do that.  It is a very fine line and easy to cross.  You may have noticed some people crossed it big time.
Jaqueline Bisset, you are too old to not be able to assess your drinking capacity.
Sean Combs, no kissing Bono on the mouth or even trying.  Just ask him, he'll tell you.

Matt Lauer, you look like a creeper so lose that beard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I already didn't like you because you were mean to Ann Curry but with the beard, I just can't stand you.
Matt Damon, it didn't matter that you forgot  your glasses.  You are just charming.  Matt Lauer, he should be your role model.  He was nice and shaved.

And the dresses!  I've not done this for a long time but here are my loves and hates.
Emma Watson looked young and stunning in orange. Totally age appropriate.

Helen Mirren wore pale green and she looked amazing as she usually does and totally age appropriate!
And my favorite girl, Taylor Swift looked just gorgeous.
Now a lot of people thought Julia Roberts hit a homerun.  I thought she looked like she wore her shirt she hangs out in at home with an evening gown on top of it.  I thought it looked stupid.
Then my favorite dress to hate.  First let me say I hated Sandra Bullock's dress.  I thought it looked like a cartoon dress but this one really did it for me.  Paula Patton you should be ashamed!
I mean what is up with that huge ruffle thing?  She looks like paper towels unwinding from the roll.  I don't know this girl but she needs a new stylist.

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