Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weather Report

It's a balmy minus one degree Fahrenheit here in my town and believe it or not we're the warmest town around.  I am in full regalia because the house is warm but not as warm as I am used to.  I have on long underwear, sweatpants, and a fleece pullover, socks and big fluffy slippers.
There's plenty to do in the house since I am still putting away holiday décor so I'm not exactly bored but why is it that you only really really want to go outside when you're trapped in the house?
I've seen the television reporters.  They look miserable.  I just saw a postal worker being interviewed and she had icicles on her eyelashes and brows!  And she didn't even know it.  She must be numb.
It's real quiet here too.  Not the usual traffic sounds going by on my street.  It's never a real busy street but you hear cars once in a while, but not today.
And I still really really want to go outside.  Don't worry. I won't do it but the itch is there.  I'll wait til tomorrow when it is going to be even balmier 6 degrees.

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