Monday, January 27, 2014

Mirror, Mirror

I got my hair cut and colored  today.  I had a new idea for how I wanted my hair to look so it took a little more time and a little more money. I was fine with it.
So while my stylist was putting the goo on the side of my head, she really plastered my hair down and when I looked in the mirror, my dad was looking back at me.
No, not a ghostly apparition.  It was ME!!!!!!!!!
All the time I was growing up, people would tell me how much I looked like my dad.  I never saw it.  I know we had a lot of similarities but after all, I was a girl and he was not.  So I never thought it was that startling of a resemblance.
Today, all that changed.  I do look just like my dad.  I'm so proud that I do!  However, I won't be doing that looking in the mirror thing at the salon during hair dying time any time soon!

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