Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I love a good laugh.  I have a bit of a weird sense of humor but I love it when I get a good one during my day.  I especially love it when it comes first thing in the morning because it makes the rest  of the day wonderful.  If I feel low I can just remember the funny thing and I feel better.
Today was one of those days thanks to Aaron Eckhart.  I know, not known for being funny necessarily and the best part was he didn't mean to be funny at all.  He is promoting his new movie, I, Frankenstein and this is what he said, He's just trying to be accepted into society and then they showed a clip and here's what he looked like.
Frankie, honey, if you want to fit in to society, I suggest you lose those weapon things you are carrying!
I'm still laughing.

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